Mahathir politics is all about posturing

Power is the glue of politics. That is why a government is expected to be in array and opposition generally in disarray. Ideology is a fickle custodian of unity in an age of convenience. Its absence has eliminated the difference between single-party rule and coalition government. Both are held together by individual or sectarian self-interest, which is why they last. Ideology is a differentiator; it makes a partnership untenable even if the partners consider it sustainable. Sentiment is irrelevant to any political marriage. This is true of all democracies where coalitions become necessary. Politicians live for power; why would they invite a premature death?
Mahathir a master poker player in politics, and if you want to beat him, you have to make equally masterful moves.Dr M says: “Last time when Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) wasn’t good to me, the people did not support BN. So some people still have some sympathy for me.” Mahathir, Kit Siang is an elected MP and he is voicing out what many of us feel about you and your recent actions to sow fear and hatred so as to prevent a Pakatan Rakyat victory in Putrajaya.You had put someone, his son and his friends in prison without trial under the ISA. You waste away years of his life – and those of his son’s and friends’ – years that they cannot reclaim from you or anybody else, and now you have the gall to say ‘I don’t know why he hates me so much’?You reap what you sow Mahathir. I was in a taxi this afternoon driven by a very humble Malay gentlemen and when the name Mahathir was mentioned, he instantly condemned him and his corrupt billionaire sons and swore that the name Mahathir is synonymous with debauchery, racism, bigotry and absolute corruption.
The book by former journalist Barry Wain is a must-read for all Malaysians. This vile character corrupted and destroyed every institution of our nation, planted the seed of hatred and fan the fire of racism and corruption, dividing the people and destroying the peace and unity in our country.Mahathir, I am really shocked and surprised at your statement that Lim Kit Siang hates you so much. You hated Abdullah to an extent that he had to resign immediately.Mahathir survived for 22 years as PM simply because his true beliefs and intentions were kept closely in his chest, while he cleverly win over the Chinese support through deceitful and cunning ways.With him out of the way since 2003, his influence dwindled and the Chinese woke up from a long slumber.Like a snake which only sheds its skin, Mahathir’s brand of partisan politics cuts along racial lines, and this has always been his thoughts since he wrote ‘The Malay Dilemma’.Expect even further drubbing from Chinese voters if he keeps up with his rhetoric.Your hatred towards Anwar is legendary and will be a topic of analysis and discussion many more years to come. At one time, you were very hurtful to the Malay rulers, and that too due to your hatred.
One thing is for sure, when you hurt others, others are bound to hurt you. The best policy is to love all and serve all.
The destruction to this nation, and particularly his own race, will be seen in the next two generations and is irreversible, if he, his cronies and the supremacist bigots and corrupt in power are allowed to rule for another 50 years.Just be grateful if he – and many others – don’t dance on your grave.Someone must be held accountable for the rampant corruption and the political manipulation of the judiciary, MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), the police force and the prosecution office. History must be set right for posterity.It is an entirely novel, and bizarre, “take” on the nation’s recent political history to assert that the voters and nation turned against Umno-BN in 2008 because Pak Lah had been insufficiently friendly and respectful towards Tun Che Det.Mahathir not in control of PM Najib Razak? Just one obvious example – Khairy Jamaluddin won the Umno Youth election, he was not given a minister’s post. Mahathir’s son lost, but he became a deputy minister.
Mahathir, is this Najib’s choice or your choice? In actual fact, Mahathir is the ‘kingmaker’ in Umno. He destroyed Abdullah and installed Najib as Umno president and PM.Seeing such astonishing claims made makes you wonder. Do they really believe this kind of nonsense?Or do they believe the rakyat are stupid enough to swallow it? That people will buy and believe this drivel simply because they, in their twilight dotage, are prepared to utter these idiocies? You don’t put scores of people in detention indefinitely and have the deputy prime minister arrested and punched to a pulp and still claim that you did it for the country.We have to set the record straight. Malaysians voted against BN in 2008 because of the corruption and racialism practised by BN.
Certainly it has nothing to do with support for Mahathir for his mistreatment by the Abdullah administration. To us, Abdullah, Mahathir and PM Najib Razak are all the same. They are from a racist party and all of them are not sincere.In fact, Abdullah and Najib were handpicked by Mahathir. So if they are lousy, the fault lies with Mahathir as he has to be responsible for choosing lousy successors.The next election it is going to be the worst for BN. This is because despite the strong message sent by the voters in 2008, BN continue to be arrogant and corruption has gotten even worse.
Malaysians have lost their respect for him. And it’s all self-inflicted.He abused and systematically destroyed all the various public institutions in the country. Most of the ills in the country today can be traced back to him. His policies became the conduit to massive corruption, which is still being practiced today.Sad to say, history will remember him as the father of corruption and will certainly overrides whatever good he did for the country while he was the PM.As many have advised, the best thing for him to do now is to fully retire from politics and concentrate on his bread business instead of interfering in everything the Najib government does and promoting racist organisations such as Perkasa.And stop blaming Abdullah for abandoning the projects he started. The crooked bridge was a foolhardy idea in the first place, meant to enrich Mahathir and his cronies and we Malaysians thank Abdullah for putting a stop to it.Mahathir, you are confusing yourself with the country. You have done some good things, but many terrible things. Can you ever understand that?If the truth was known to all the Malaysians, especially the poor and the lower middle classes, they would hate former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
This is because he and his cronies and his present successors in BN have stolen billions of the people’s money (currently estimated at RM60 billion annually) and consequently many people still remain mired in poverty and struggle to pay their bills.Mahathir got rid of TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) chief Ani Arope because he objected to a crooked IPP (independent power producer) deal that would burden the consumers.Mahathir made that deal with Francis Yeo of YTL and is reported to have got a 30 percent in kickbacks, but now all Malaysians have to pay high tariffs because of that lop-sided deal.
But both Mahathir and Yeo have become billionaires as a result of the contributions of each and every Malaysian who pays the exorbitant electricity bills.Now would every Malaysian, who switches on the electricity every day and struggles to pay the high bills, love or hate Mahathir? The tolled roads are yet another Mahathir rip-off. Watch the racist in action – by creating fear and anxiety among unthinking Malays.He first says that the kingmakers in the coming elections will be the Chinese; next, he paints himself as the helpless target of a hate campaign by a Chinese politician.The goal of this veteran operator is to create a Chinese bogeyman … one that will presumably drive the uninformed, unthinking Malays towards Umno.
The nerve of this man. Every statement former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad utters is tainted and contaminated with bold-faced lies, half-truths, willful concealment and downright deception.It makes me want to upchuck every time some silly story is published about him. Indeed, Mahathirism is a word to denote, illustrate and describe ‘arrogance’, ‘boldness’, ‘chicanery’, ‘deception’, ‘evil’, ‘facade’, ‘gall’, ‘hubris’, ‘insolence’, ‘jealousy’ and ‘keralite’… (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K…).The issue is not whether LKS (Lim Kit Siang) hates you or otherwise. More importantly, you should ask why the majority of fair-minded Malaysians loathe you and find you repulsive.To arrive at the answer, you only need to look into the mirror. Or see yourself through the eyes of your intellectual superior, LKY (Singapore’s former PM Lee Kuan Yew). It’s nothing personal, Mahathir. You destroyed many good Malaysian values, all due to your ego. You wanted to rule forever and to achieve that, you got your support from the corrupt few.readmore

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