Najib: ‘ Is the word corruption beginning to get to your nerves’? Don’t let it we are the specialists

Najib Abdul Razak said today the young generation should evaluate the achievements of the government from all aspects and not based on political perception and rhetoric.
Accepting reality doesn’t mean you condone what’s wrong. That’s when you stop being judgmental and begin to better your lot

Years ago, I read a sentence in a book on heart care that stayed with me forever. “Do not run up stairs, and do not run down people!” While the implication of the first instruction was clear, the second took time to unfold its deep meaning. I could not understand then how criticising or condemning others could affect the working of the heart. Today, with experience and deep thought, it is crystal clear. Judging or condemning other people, or even situations, comes from a refusal to accept reality. When things do not play out as per our beliefs and expectations, we become impatient and critical. It also comes from a feeling of helplessness, when situations do not play out as we would wish them to.

A promotion that is denied, a change of department, or a new boss at office; relationship or financial troubles at home — the instinct is to fight back or sulk in frustration, rather than accept and move on. We try to force circumstances and life to conform to our beliefs, which are disconnected from reality. This leads us to push and condemn ourselves as well as others, leading to frustration and unhappiness.
Think about it — our unreal beliefs force us to condemn reality. In the first stages of romance, you focus on the beloved’s virtues and may not even notice the negatives. Time and togetherness expose the negatives. From here on, it is a matter of choice where you want to take your relationship. Most happy marriages are those where the couple chooses to focus on the good and accept the negatives without condemnation. Once the balm of acceptance works its magic, love takes over and helps find unique solutions to problems. In the melee of a competitive world that pushes us to break through circumstances to better our lot, acceptance is a virtue that remains greatly underestimated.
And yet, it can give us immense peace and happiness. Try it out. Think of something you are dead against. Force yourself to accept it as a reality you cannot change. It just is; stop fighting it. Now distance yourself from the negative emotion and think about how you can make things better for yourself despite the reality. Denial immobilises you; acceptance helps you move ahead. Accepting something does not mean you condone it. You may be dead against something and yet decide to accept it. It doesn’t imply weakness. Nor does it mean that you have given up all hope of things getting better. It just means you have stopped judging or condemning.
Acceptance is the point from where you can begin bettering your lot or that of others. Now you start responding and helping, rather than reacting and castigating. Now you have stopped denying or fighting those you cannot control. You accept the reality and can rationally and intuitively look for solutions that make it better for you, or make you feel better disposed towards it. To succeed, it is necessary to accept and then move on.

A very misunderstood word is ‘perception’. Just  2 months earlier Najib had said perception was important for leaders, probably meaning it is okay if you do not actually work as long as people feel that you work. Then Hishamuddin went on to say that the crime rate had dropped  but the perception of crime was high – which only Hisham understands. Then now we have Najib saying that ‘the young generation should evaluate the achievements of the government from all aspects and not based on political perception’  Najib, you insult the young thinkers of Malaysia with your presence at their convention. So, you must think they don’t know the corrupt ways of the government you lead for you to have the cheek to grace the occasion dedicated to encouraging critical thinking. You are disgusting- I am lost. My perception is that these current leaders do not know what they are talking and should be thrown out. It is ironical that PM Najib should advice younger generation not to live on political perception and rhetoric when that is exactly what he and his BN leaders are doing day in and day out! Najib has also implied that whatever created by his BN government through internet and social media is always based on truth and whatever created by the opposition using the same internet and social media should not be trusted. He should know that people trust internet and social media more than his own government agencies, particularly MACC, PDRM and the Attorney-General’s office! And before Najib embarks on any plan to train the younger generation on higher thinking skills, he should first implement an intensive training programme for his BN leaders to be trained on intelligent and reasonable thinking skills as without these basic thinking skills, he and his BN government will never achieve their great vision of making Malaysia a high income competitive nation.
Don’t judge us based on perception alone”. Back up your appeal with genuinely show the youths that the government under your leadership is clean, transparent, free of corruption, develop good policies and plans for the good of the people of the country. Please tell me something new, ad nauseam already. What an irony – telling others not to indulge in rhetoric, to be truthful and to embrace change. By the way who is this group of youngsters calling themselves thinkers? It is so funny, we have a group calling themselves intellects and now we have another group calling themselves thinkers Najib, the young generation of today are not stupid as you perceive them to be. They are very well informed and they dont trust BN. Period.
The problem with you Mr PM is that you are only fighting for your own survival and as such you will do everything just to achieve that. I think its about time you think about us as well and start be the real PM and not NKRA kind of PM.. PM, Treat all of us as equals. In education, scholarships, government jobs, loans and ALL other government support. To make it easy…nurture us on merit and not race or religion. Hope it is clear enough The problem with BN is this. BN dont have the Rakyat at heart. Whatever project they do, it is about how much they and their cronies will pocket. You see najib, as a responsible govt sincerity is of utmost important and we Malaysians see BN is not sincere at all

Scorpene trial and the death of Altantuya are not perceptions. Bn has achieved so much. The have managed to syphon trillions out of the country, given loans that do not have to be returned, rescued sick Bumi companies with the rakyat’s money, taken bribes in the hundreds of millions, mrdered beauties, imprisoned innocent people, beaten up prison inmates, killed innocent children in the pretex of self defense, employed IGPs who protect gangsters, fix up good cops, fix up sodomy cases, buy sub standard subs, pay 10 times more for defense equipment, force people to change SD the very next day (bala), give “one off” schorlarships, only have one thing in mind…sex and sex scandals, allows CMs to rob their states,  Najib. I didn’t realise you were in the company of idiots who would’t know when they are being insulted. Sorry, it slipped me that, being the leader and greatest amongst them, you love to wallow in the adulation of your own kind.continuously suffer from denial syndrom, continue listening to an old senile PM blame others for their mistakes, continue employing morons like Noor Yaakob, Muhyiddin, Adnan, Rostam, condone robbery, allow butt dances, call others pendatang and later ask for apology. Yes hte have achieved so much haven’t they? Neither are the Birkin bags. Nor the death of Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan or Ahmad Sarbani. We judge you by the way your team are doing for malaysia..a deputy minister from ur UMNO agreed to the implementation of hudud law in Johor..why are your still kept shut..or you agreed to it Or the huge budget deficit. Nor the perception of crime level in this country. These are real issues that cannot be swept under carpets. We have not seen real efforts to solve problems. Neither is there political will. It is still business as usual. failed to provide a proper system of education to all of us by failing to teach us English. You made us complacent with your Malys are the best in the world. Every other non Malay speak at least 3 languages and especiall English. You confined us to the Malay language only and shut our minds from reading other material in other languages and then you send your children overseas to be educated in English while we poor fellows were handed the shit by you. WHY ? If you dont believ go and see the service centre set up by DUMNO in Jalan Telawi for RNC and all his canvassers are from overseas DUMNO club members. They eat in luxury restaurants while we should be content with nasi lemak. They drink alcohol and wine we are confined to teh tarek. Ask Nazri and his son who are experts at assaulting weaker beings and move around with thugs. Those who have been issued with permits and APs should own and keep their vehicles and only they should drive them This is the sad thing about this country. PM Najib, perception or not, please do less PR , and do more real work. Dont be a Malaysia needs a to fight corruption, leakages , and good leadership to get Malaysia out in front. Can you do that?The horse has been man’s best friend for ever. We have admired its beauty, its dignity. We have adored its loyalty, its love. We have seen its courage, its grit in adversity

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