Tunku Abdul Aziz ‘the Underachiever an actor a life without regrets!

Hypocrisy is an interesting phenomenon. It’s intimately related to sense of self-worth and changes with self-interest. It is also the most damning of all human folly.Tunku Aziz portrays himself as the victim, and forever more remains the villain. While we can continue to regurgitate reasons for his fall from grace, the reality is that a self-cofessed ‘man of principles’ who lack discernment is actually a Fool beyond any measure.
Has Tunku’s departure left a dent on DAP? Nah, zilch, zero! On the other hand, his failure to acknowledge his own misjudgement is causing himself much angst, hence the need to retreat into a wormhole.
I think he will curse himself silly when Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. It could be his crowning glory but then again, the silly bugger may just drop and break the crown anyway given his fragile frame of mind.

As couples publicly hurl zingers at each other, all they end up doing is making friends and relatives uncomfortable 
Ever been in a situation where what starts as an innocuous exchange between a couple, quickly turns into a public snipefest? Indeed, some couples are embarrassingly inclined to air their differences in full public glare, rather than behind closed doors.
Out comes the dirty linen to be washed in full view of friends and relatives. The couple seems to have waited for an audience before shaking every last dust mote out of dirty home rugs, while others watch embarrassed.
Consider Ranjan and Neha at a party I attended recently. He was continuously targeting Neha, making her the butt of misplaced jokes, while she gave it back as good as she got! Ranjan, looking at the host’s dinner table, said, “Wow, what a feast! Today, I will get to eat after weeks.” Neha, cut to the quick at the implied criticism, retorted, “If you were ever home early from your alleged latenight meetings, one would have made the effort for you!”
Taken aback at the sharp retort, Ranjan went caustic. “Oh yeah? And what’s all that special at home to draw me back?” From here on, both got so engrossed in the clever zingers they threw at each other, they seemed to forget us all. Maybe Ranjan and Neha felt they were entertaining people with their clever repartees, or perhaps they were using their captive audience to drive home a point to each other.
But, the fact was, nobody was amused. Some guests pretended to ignore the fight and carry on with louder music and conversation, while others stood around silent and embarrassed. The party had lost its zing.
Not just young couples, sometimes parents with older kids let themselves go in front of them, causing them embarrassment. Helpless is all you feel when you watch two good people spurred by ego, making an exhibition of themselves. As spouses cut into each other, they also undermine all chances of keeping a good marriage going. Words exchanged in anger or scorn before an audience, have less chance of being forgiven or forgotten than what is spoken in private.
What causes these couples to declare the sorry state of their relationship to the world? Obviously, something is deeply wrong between them, something they are unable to sort out. Is fighting publicly then a cry for help, a desperate attempt to patch a collapsing relationship? Are they trying to score points against each other? Are they seeking revenge or trying to emerge more powerful than the partner, or are they seeking sympathy?
Whatever the reason, the one thing that is being sacrificed is an understanding of the partner’s vulnerabilities. It is clear that the couple doesn’t have the maturity to step back objectively and resolve the issue, or that they may have tried and failed. What they need is therapy. Or at least, they need to sit down and talk to each other with a degree of maturity. In the absence of this effort, suppressed feelings and anger burst forth in moments when neither can walk away from the situation.
If only couples realised that the way to sorting their problems is to spend time together, with both listening to each other with the intention of making things work. If only they understood that ego is the biggest enemy of any relationship; that adjustment, affection and commitment is what a marriage is all about.
If only they knew that beyond a point, nobody enjoys being drawn into another’s problems. We all have our own issues, which we resolve behind closed doors before switching on our smiles and stepping out.
UMNO will never invite Tunku Aziz into the party. Tunku Aziz is a captive animal, having compromised his dignity and trust and letting his cupboard of skeleton intruded, make it easier for UMNO to use him for its evil purpose.
This is a season of DAP bashing and UMNO is unleashing its kept dog, Tunku Aziz, to bark and bare its teeth. When it comes to Anwar bashing, then UMNO will let loose another kept dog, Chandra Muzaffar to do the work for them.

Tunku Aziz has not only lost the battle and the war, but he has also lost his CREDIBILITY.Tunku , you should remain in your secret hideout and never come out because without credibility you dont have anything . You are now a Parayan Slimeball like Tun Mahathir and his cronies

Tunku Aziz said “To be perfectly honest, I think I must have been both absolutely mad and arrogant to think that I could make an impression on DAP’s thinly-disguised Chinese chauvinism.”
Tunku should watch this short video from BBC and see where is his station in the world of The Warlords. He should see how the alpha male protects his territory and wards off a rival gang.
Watch and think Tunku!

Small Photo
Tunku Aziz always has his own twist on politics. I am not sure of what to make out of this article which the New Straits Times deems fit to publish.
While I can understand the Tunku’s reasons for quitting DAP and I compliment him for acknowledging that he is not a politician and that it was all one big mistake to have joined the DAP in the first place. Yes, it was, as Tunku writes, “nothing more than irreconcilable differences of personal values that required me to take stock of my own position”.
But I would disagree with the Tunku’s statement that the aftermath of the historic rally of April 28, 2012 resulted in “ravages inflicted by BERSIH 3.0 in the name of human rights and freedom”. Some 300,000+ Malaysians could not have been stupid or wrong to demand free and fair elections. I was there in the morning of that day, and can say that the rally was nothing but peaceful until after 3 p.m.It was admirable that people should spend their Saturday on the streets around Dataran Merdeka voluntarily to send a clear and unequivocal message to the government of the day that they want free and fair elections.
We know that it was a deliberate use of overwhelming force by the Royal Malaysian Police that resulted in chaos and injury to rally participants on that day. We don’t need a Tun Hanif Panel to verify what actually happened, or a massive mainstream media spin to pin the blame on BERSIH leaders. It was the Police who were itching for a fight and they got what they wanted, an opportunity to become big bullies who beat up and inflict physical injury to citizens, whom they were sworn to protect. It is Tunku Aziz @ Sour Grapes who had used the DAP to advance his own agenda. He needed a channel to be heard.Tunku naive in politics ? Sure, but DAP enticed him not for politics, but for his brilliance as seen from his educational background, and articulations he makes in non-political matters that affects public life – generally upright, with no racial bias….
Same thing that DAP wants to entice a Prince to be in its fold, Why ? A Prince, who is novice in politics ?

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