Gerakan is doing Cosmetics changes while Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
These are important issues, and MCA cannot claim not to know. Or is Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin creating a smokescreen?
If we cannot build a new Chinese school, can we build a branch school? The ‘number’ of schools will still the same, or otherwise the DPM is trying to make things difficult and lacks sincerity.
Alternatively, we must also work with Pakatan Rakyat. Only when we change the government will we have a new policy. As is getting so usual with non-Umno parties in BN, their leaders cannot make a simple statement on behalf of their party and community without being apologists for Umno’s abuses and discriminating policies.
MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek, why do you have to explain what Muhyiddin actually meant, which essentially was that MCA and the Chinese can take a flying leap.
And to really keep at bay the likes of the two Alis (Ibrahim and Hasan), you place the blame on the Chinese schools themselves for “not meeting government requirements”.
‘The icing on the cake must be the deputy education minister’s statement, a case of a clown trying to be a comedian.’ Two plus two might not be four and that is coming out from the mouth of the MCA president. Any rational, ‘bersih’ straight-thinking Malaysian will tell you that the answer is four.
The best answer comes from MCA Youth leader Wee Ka Siong, the deputy education minister, when he said in jest my father has not met my mother and I was not born yet.
These are the leaders from MCA who shamelessly claim to represent the Chinese community for 55 years making comical statements over such an important issue to the Chinese.
To these party leaders, the bidding of vehicle registration number ‘WWW’ is more important than the independent Chinese schools. Miss Tan Cheng Liang, instead of wasting your enrgy on trival matters like this, please focus on getting back Penang Port for penangites. Penang livelihood hinges on her ports.
The Chinese voters must use their vote wisely this 13th GE to send the message to MCA and Gerakan that it pays to speak up when the need arises and not just buat bodoh sahaja and collect the crumbs from Umno table. She is just trying to score brownie political point for MCA by highlighting this issue by giving it a different slant when in fact it is not factual. Anyway, MCA knows there is hardly a chance for them in Penang, must create an illusion that situations are not so good in Penang under PR governance. It is the good that Dr Lim himself clarified the situation for everyone to know it was not the case as mentioned by MCA. He is given the opportunity to present his concerns on June 25 at MPPP council meeting, therefore there is transparency and fairness by PR govt.All these running dogs of MCA are as usual bark and bark just for the sake of barking like mad dogs without using their peanut brain especially this corrupt Penang MCA wanita chief Tan Cheng Liang. Vote them out once and for all.This MCA wanita state leader looks like and behaves like someone who One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Even when Lim says there is no gag order; she claims there is. What a paranoic woman with extreme symptoms of delusion. Tan Cheng Liang, before you can criticise others for restricting freedom of expression, can you kindly look at your party’s very own newspaper, The Star. News about kickback to the tune of USD1billion was allegedly linked to Najib were splashed almost world wide, yet I haven’t read a single word on this issue. Now you are picking on this trivial issue which is denied by Dr Lim himself to boost you and your party’s image. The issues at hands are not how PR gagged his members, but corruption and abuse of power by your very own party members. Does MCA ever speak up on those issues both in the cabinet meeting or public. Maybe the leadership in MCA has given gag order on this topics to both its newspaper and members sucking I cannot see your face Who in Penang know State Wanita Chief Tan Cheng Liang who is trying to score points to have a chance to stand in the next election. She has manipulated such issue to be a gag order when Dr Lim Mah Hui has not even utter a single word of gagging on him. Such issue is typical of BN tactic thinking that they can gain favour to win votes BUT in reality this is BLUNDER which have so often been done by BN candidates and politician, similar to Liow Tiong Lie.

BN Chief, but he has a big boss. SO what is so chief about this BN chief?

Teng should know that he has already lost the war but still trying to be a hero in the battle. Tua kor chua luan luan kong. What more nonsense can u expect from Gerakan, already a dead pig.Can we still trust Chang Yeow’s words… you tell me. I have said many a time before, whatever comes out from the BN leaders mouths, they are all lies and more lies. They have proven to Malaysians so many times, they are the king of Flips and Flops.Teng Chang Yeow,if I were in your shoe,I dont know where to put my face..Get your facts right Chang Yeow before you open your big mouth,dont make promise to Penangnites which you cannot deliver,otherwise what you get is a slap on your face given by your big brother Najib.You can change the Party Gerakan and MCA BN Manifesto to supporting the Privatisation of the Penang Port,after all,it is the SOP of just rubber stamping what big brother UMNO has decided..

Penang BN state chief Teng Chang Yeow is in hot water as Prime Minister Najib Razak had recently announced via a parliamentary reply that the concept of a free port no longer exists. Greenhorn Teng said he will be more assertive than his sleeping dick.Teng, didnt you say you would be more ASSERTIVE than Khor Tsu Koon ??? We are awaiting how assertive you can be !!! Assertive on erection, i think you can la. MCA, habis, Gerakan, lagi habis, Chinese have done their part. MIC I can see his tail between his legs are little firmer but that is about all. So much for assertiveness. Meow, meow…..the barking of Umno’s lapdog by the name of Chang Yeow.How can a lapdog do anything without the master’s consent? Now the lapdog will need to hide his tail in between its legs. Go to hell, please.Teng Chang Yeow got carried away by his appointment as BN head in the state. With the appointment he thinks that Najib has given him an open cheque to do what he likes. Being too naive or excited, he simply comes out with a promise of free port status for Penang, hoping Penangite will swallow the baits. Luckily the truth surfaces much earlier. Otherwise, Penangites will be taken fr another wild ride!! Will Penaangites ever believe him again? Even though , never again even free port status is given to penang.
Gerakan lost all their seats,,and they are still in the picture by virtue of their position in BN. Any right thinking leader of BN would have moved the leadership of the state BN chief to the party with the most seats. So this give a false sense of power to Teng, and he continues to talk cock like all Gerakan leaders. A test of their strength will be if Gerakan dares to contest in the election on their own banner. And I can guarantee that they will be BURIED. And a short passing note, please ask Najib or UMNO what to say before releasing having any press conference. That is what lap dogs are supposed to do.

The Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin maintains that his “hands are tied” over the demand by the community for an independent Chinese school in Kuantan “unless there is a change in the education policy or the Education Act.” (The Star, 23.5.2012:12)
This statement by the education minister at least explains why, despite the constant claim by the government that they support mother tongue education, the number of Chinese and Tamil schools has been decreasing.
The politics of education policy in Malaysia certainly flies in the face of logic and consistency.
More Chinese and Tamil Schools in 1957
For the uninitiated, at Independence we had 1350 Chinese primary schools, more than 800 Tamil primary schools and 78 Chinese secondary schools.
There were at least six Chinese secondary schools in Pahang then.
Today, with our population doubled, there are only 1285 Chinese primary schools, 550 or so Tamil primary schools and 60 MalaysianIndependent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS).
In fact when the Education Act 1961 was legislated, the number of Chinese secondary schools shrunk to just 14 because the rest had to give up their mother tongue education system since they could not survive without government aid. From the Seventies, the number of MICSS grew steadily to

The Penang Chief Minister responds to The Star’s Smear Campaign and Joceline Tan: “We have Nothing to Hide”

by Lim Guan Eng

The Star has declared open war with the Penang PR state government with another front-page story and four inside pages, including the editorial page on the “crying hills” today. This is a desperate attempt to whitewash the past sins of the previous BN government in approving hill projects above 250 feet.

By changing the previous headline title of the “dying hills” to the “crying hills”, this already an admission by the Star that the Star indulged in hyperbolic excesses not supported by facts.

The timing of this latest attack by the Star is suspicious. Coming at a time when The Star’s political masters, MCA, is facing public odium for conducting a cowardly smear campaign spreading lies about sexual misbehaviour and even assault by me and my wife. Clearly this is an attempt to distract attention from MCA’s failed smear campaign, MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s past sexual escapades as well as excuse the previous government from blame so as to help BN win back Penang.

Whether the Star will succeed in its political agenda to tarnish the greencredentials of the PR state government and clear the path of a return of the BN state government that caused the problems in the first place, will ulitmately depend on the voters.

Whilst PR is willing to admit to mistakes made, we refuse to bear the sins and pay the price for the policy decisions made by the previous government in approving hill projects above 250 feet. Instead of beating up the present PR state government for a crime it did not commit, why has the Star consistently failed to hound the previous state government for giving 37 such approvals before 2008?

The Star’s claims of impartiality and that it is not singling out PR for criticism is as laughable as PERKASA’s claims that they are not racists. If the Star is impartial in criticising the previous administration approvals of hill projects, why did the Star kept silent 37 times when the previous BN state government gave 37 approvals to hill projects above 250 feet before 2008. Did the Star print an editorial 37 times and gave a 5 page coverage including front-page before 2008 against these 37 approvals?

Neither did the Star apologise when their columnist Joceline Tan was caught lying that the Yang di Pertua Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) Patahiyah binti Ismail had contradicted me, when Patahiyah had clearly said that the 19 approvals given after 2008 were special projects approved by the previous BN state government!

Further, why did the Star not highlight those hill projects in BN-controlled states and pick only on Penang. Unlike the Federal government’s EPU guidelines of defining a hill as exceeding 500 feet, the Penang guidelines have fixed the building line at 250 feet. Unfortunately the previous BN government violated these guidelines by not only approving 37 projects before 2008 but also gave approval for those above 250 feet as special projects.

Neither did the Star give front page treatment criticising the previous BN state government for approving special projects, where such hill projects above 250 feet so classified cannot be rejected solely because they are above 250 feet.

Patahiyah had explained that the 19 approvals by MPPP for heights above 250 feet after 2008 fell under the special projects category and had to be processed according to normal geo-technical guidelines. MPPP cannot reject them on the basis that they were above 250 feet.

As the PR state government cannot cancel these hill projects, to mitigate the situation, the state government has resorted to imposing the most stringent guidelines in the country which were drawn up by a hillslope geo-technical committee headed by Oxford-trained engineer Dr Gue See Saw. These geo-technical guidelines were imposed retrospectively much to the unhappiness of developers, some who threatened legal action.

Whilst the state government sympathised with the unhappiness of those hill projects and the problems of those residents affected by the ongoing development, there is nothing the state government can do unless the drastic step of cancelling the project is taken. To do so entails compensation of hundreds of millions or even billions of ringgit which would bankrupt the state.

The Penang PR state government will not lead Penang towards bankruptcy. Perhaps the BN Federal government should come forward and bear these compensation losses for cancelling the hill projects since BN were responsible for approving them in the first place. Would the Star be willing to play a front-page story pressing demand of compensation from the BN Federal government?

Or would the Star demand that the developers stop the hill projects? Isn’t this sheer hypocrisy of the Star to be so chummy with developers of these hill projects during their Star Property Fair in Penang and yet dare not criticise the developers in name for carrying hill projects.

Finally, it is not The Star but the voters of Penang who will decide whether thePR state government have done our part to protect the hills by not approving any hill projects above 250 feet. The PR state government is willing to be punished for not approving any hill projects above 250 feet and would respect the voters’ decision if they decide to trust BN again despite BN giving all these approvals.

We appreciate those Star reporters and chief editors who are from Penang and care about the state. Penang welcomes you back and we will work hard to make Penang a green state, an international heritage city with a vibrant art culture. But these so-called concerns sound hollow when the Star distorts the truth and practises double-standards.

The PR state government will continue to directly engage with NGOs and even Star’s Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai on the background, the status and any related issues. Since Wong is talking about the rape of our beloved hills, we would like to know who is doing the raping and what steps MPPP is taking.

As we have nothing to hide, I have asked Yang di Pertua MPPP Patahiyah binti Ismail to engage with NGOs and affected parties. That is why the state government had instructed MPPP to declassify all the minutes about approvals for hill projects above 250 feet. I am extending an open invitation to Wong Chun Wai to an open dialogue with me and my MPPP officials on this hill issue. I await his response.

* Lim Guan Eng is the Chief Minister of Penang. This letter was sent to The Star in response to their reports.–www.themalaysianinsider

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